Outdoor Playground Safety Surfaces

All play areas will require a form of playground safety surfacing. This not only ensures that the child is protected if they fall but they can also add colour to the area and help blend the play area into its surroundings. Below are the main surfaces we offer:


A durable rubber based product that is available in many different colours and patterns. It can be laid in different depths to suit the height of the equipment. It is low slip and low maintenance and transforms any play area into a bright, fun space.

Outdoor Carpet

This is available in several colours and designs. It is quick to lay and secure and the children can start playing on it as soon as it is laid. It has a soft padding with an artificial grass surface. It is cheaper than rubber based products.

Play Bark

This looks great in leafy environment and with wood equipment. It is straightforward to lay with the minimum depth being 100mm. Play Bark needs more maintenance than wetpour and outdoor carpet. It also requires annual inspections as over time it becomes compressed and may need topping up.

Grass Mats

The aim of grass mats is to provide a safety surfacing which ideally should not be seen. Once the mats are secured down, the grass quickly starts growing through them providing a safe area that doesn't become boggy. Grass mats are not suitable for all play areas.

Nearly Grass

An increasingly popular surface, this premium artificial grass is durable and straightforward to install and maintain. It looks great in small or large areas and avoids becoming boggy as real grass does.

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Playground Safety Surface

All play areas will require a form of playground safety surfacing... more